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"Skip the lies, go straight to the diet."


00001.jpg"Skip the lies, go straight to the health."


About The Straight Diet

The Straight Diet is a plan that doesn't promise fast results or effortless changes but will help you achieve your weight loss and nutrition goals. Diets that work don't deliver results overnight and they do require difficult (but manageable) changes. With patience and perseverance you will reach your weight loss goal and stay there.

The Straight Diet is a 9 week plan that emphasizes making changes slowly and getting used to them before moving
on to the next step. This way, you won't be
bombarded with new routines that you've never
had to live by. Changing is easier if you have
time to adjust and The Straight Diet gives you


that extra time.

Follow the directions for the week that you are on. You might be tempted to skip ahead if you have already grasped the concept but giving yourself more time will allow you to fully adjust to the weekly changes. If you feel like you need more time to adjust to the changes take it but don't stay on one week for too long.

00003.jpgTable of Contents
Week 1 - Counting Calories
Week 2 - Measure & Change
Week 3 - Cut the Calories
Week 4 - Good vs. Bad: Fats & Proteins
Week 5 - Good vs. Bad Carbs
Week 6 - Fast Food & Healthy Snacking
Week 7 - Start Cooking
Week 8 - Cheat Day
Week 9 - Weight Maintenance