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Week 9: Weight Maintenance
This week's goal is to get you to stay at your target weight without gaining it back. If you aren't at your target weight
yet, keep losing weight until you reach your goal.
Your target weight is based on your body mass index (BMI). You can find out a range of healthy weights by using the
Healthy Weight Range Calculator. Once you reach this weight you'll need to start increasing your calorie intake to stop
any further weight loss. Losing too much weight isn't healthy. Try staying
somewhere in the middle of your healthy weight range.
Next, use the Daily Calorie Needs Calculator to figure out how many calories you
burn each day. You already used this calculator in week 3, but refreshing the
numbers now is needed since you've lost enough weight to make the calories
change and probably changed your activity level.
The number of calories you burn each day will now be the number of calories you
eat. Sometimes, its hard to get that exact number but try to make it average out every week.
Weight maintenance is an ongoing effort. Check your progress by weighing yourself on a regular basis. If you are
gaining or losing weight when you aren't trying, adjust your calories accordingly.
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