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How Kissing Was Discovered
An August evening, calm, golden, dewless, can be very lovely. At sunset, Felicity,
Cecily, and Sara Ray, Dan, Felix, and I were in the orchard, sitting on the cool grasses at
the base of the Pulpit Stone. In the west was a field of crocus sky over which pale cloud
blossoms were scattered.
Uncle Roger had gone to the station to meet the travellers, and the dining-room table was
spread with a feast of fat things.
"It's been a jolly week, take it all round," said Felix, "but I'm glad the grown-ups are
coming back to-night, especially Uncle Alec."
"I wonder if they'll bring us anything," said Dan.
"I'm thinking long to hear all about the wedding," said Felicity, who was braiding timothy
stalks into a collar for Pat.
"You girls are always thinking about weddings and getting married," said Dan
"We ain't," said Felicity indignantly. "I am NEVER going to get married. I think it is just
horrid, so there!"
"I guess you think it would be a good deal horrider not to be," said Dan.
"It depends on who you're married to," said Cecily gravely, seeing that Felicity disdained
reply. "If you got a man like father it would be all right. But S'POSEN you got one like
Andrew Ward? He's so mean and cross to his wife that she tells him every day she wishes
she'd never set eyes on him."
"Perhaps that's WHY he's mean and cross," said Felix.
"I tell you it isn't always the man's fault," said Dan darkly. "When I get married I'll be
good to my wife, but I mean to be boss. When I open my mouth my word will be law."
"If your word is as big as your mouth I guess it will be," said Felicity cruelly.
"I pity the man who gets you, Felicity King, that's all" retorted Dan.
"Now, don't fight," implored Cecily.
"Who's fighting?" demanded Dan. "Felicity thinks she can say anything she likes to me,
but I'll show her different."