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The Spiritual Laws

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Published: 4 years ago

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The content of this book is a message of love for all humanity. This message has been written from the heart for the heart, for your heart. It will help you to get to know yourself, awaken your feelings, eliminate your egoistic part, understand the reason why you are here, and the reason why certain things happen to you. It will give you hope, it will help you understand the world you live in, so that you can turn the biggest misfortune into something useful for your evolution in love. In short, so that you are your true self, free, conscious to be able to experience true love, unconditional love so that you are happier. With all my love, for you.

Johanne B

Currently reading and thoroughly enjoying it. Planning to re-read. Food for the soul wow!

Jason Gococo

True or not, This is the book my soul is guiding me to. Thank you for expanding my mind.


I enjoyed it very much and proved what I suspected


Vicent Guillem

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