The Spirit of Mammon HTML version

the principle of the world - trading and buying and selling. It stops you coming into any
kind of area of blessing, because it depends on your works.
Well if I just tithe, then God has to bless me. Well people think that, but actually that's
not true. God blesses because He's a giver - He's generous and He loves to bless; and
when you align your finances with His plan, then of course blessing starts to increase
and flow - because you've actually brought it out of the power of Mammon.
So it helps us, if we understand that money, or finances, or wealth, or riches, have a
spirit behind it, that seeks to use it.
Now we've got to understand, that I can have God on my money, and live in blessing in
my money - a river of blessing in my finances; or I can have the Spirit of Mammon
resting on it, and I will have many, many problems.
So the issue of money or wealth or riches, is really an issue of what controls your heart.
A person who has got a great heart with God, will be entrusted with a flow of resources
to work through their life. Their money is good - it's got the blessing of God on it. A
person who's under the control of Mammon, will live with other problems on their life.
We need to try and identify what they are.
We see then, that there is a spirit world; and there's a particular spirit called the Spirit of
Mammon, which competes for your heart, your attention, your relationship with God.
Now you notice here it says: “no one can serve two masters”, so how does Mammon
operate? How does that spirit operate? Is there any way I would know that Mammon
has got a hold of life? How could I know whether I'm under the influence of that spirit or
My assumption is: I'm not; but the problem is, that's the whole point of deception. You
think you're one thing, and then it's something else; so we want to have a look at that.
So the first thing to realise is: Mammon's intention is to control your heart, your lo ve and
your loyalty. Notice what it says here: “no one can serve two masters. He'll hate one
and love the other. He'll be loyal to one and despise the other” - so here's the thing.
Mammon desires - it's a spirit see? So behind this, is a spirit. Here's the bait, and here's
the spirit; and the spirit wants to use the bait to gain control over your life.
So how does it do it? Well, what it's trying to do - its intention, is to have you love and
serve and be loyal to it - and that's always the way of idolatry. They wanted people to
bow to them, to love them, to serve them - but all idolatry ended up in bondage, fear -
terrible problems.
So Mammon is opposed to God. It's very clear in that scripture - you can't serve two
masters. So Mammon is an antichrist spirit.