The Spirit of Mammon HTML version

She said: so I've realised that there's a power involved; and she said: either you have
power over money, or money has power over you.
She said: I've also learned, the only way that you can know whether you have power
over money is if you can open your hand and give.
She said: consistently I have seen that some of the wealthiest people also give no less
than ten percent. They just practice it, as a part of maintaining power over money.
Most people, money's got power of them, and they're in fear of it; so the moment it
comes to giving anything to anyone, immediately there's conflict in the heart; and she's
saying that actually, generosity or giving is the only way you can demonstrate and
maintain your power over money.
Now that's a secular person, in a secular program, talking about the whole issue of
money, and a power behind money. She couldn't give it the language we can give
(didn't have the Bible connections with it), but did understand this: that there is a power
behind it; and that the only way I can be free of that is if I start to learn how to open my
hand, and to direct giving.
We see from reading the Bible, that if I put the first fruits to God, then I have blessing
come around the rest. Things start to come towards me, instead of going away from me.
I come into a place where there's a river of blessing.
Another time I want to talk about generosity, which was touched on today, the whole
area of having a generous spirit. This is the Christian spirit, it's a generous spirit.
I want to just ask you this, to consider: where am I, in this whole area? Am I in
problems? Am I giving God the honour and the glory?
[Closing Prayer]
If you're here today and you don't know Jesus: you know one of the greatest things to
understand, is the generosity of God.
I know we've talked a little bit about finances, but we're talking about coming into a
blessed life; and the first step of coming to a blessed life, has nothing to do with money.
It’s to acknowledge Jesus Christ. God gave His Son to love you, and bless you, and to
bring you out of sin; Jesus died on the cross to redeem from sin. He gave His life as the
offering, so you could become clean and blessed, but what it requires is that you identify
with that, and that Jesus becomes your offering.
Instead of trying hard to be a better person, you come to the cross and say: Jesus, I
accept what You have done on my behalf. This is my offering, on my behalf, and I thank