The Spirit of Mammon HTML version

Looking for servants – slaves
Seeking to take the place of God in your life
(b) Mammon’s operation - Deception
· Mammon is a spirit – it talks to you. If you listen and believe you will serve it.
· You won’t have enough! You need this! If I had more money I could help more people.
· Mammon promises what only God can give.
- security, freedom, respect, purpose, identity, happiness.
· Mammon entices you to place great value (hono ur) on money.
People are more valuable if they have more wealth.
· If you believe money has power – you will want to serve it!
· Money – God is a love/hate relationship.
· Many believers don’t realise it but they despise God – blame him when lose money/pro vision.
· Mammon is a demon – can never deliver what it promises or bring blessing.
(c) Evidences of Bondage to Mammon
Inability to Give Impulse buying
Anxiety – fear over money Bondage to debt
Poverty mentality – can’t afford it Greed – want more
Discontent and ingratitude
(d) Personal Testimony
· Biggest struggles over call to serve God in ministry – issue of money.
· Loss of security – government job, superannuation.
· Loss of income – reduction of wages by 75%.
· Had to deal with fear, shame and learn trust, contentment, generosity.
· Fear for future provision – children, education, clothing, schooling, weddings.
4. Is Money Evil?
· 1 Tim.6:10 Love of Money is the root of all evil = from faith, sorrows.
· Having something in place of God is root of all evil.
· Love of Money is a root that grows in the heart like bitterness and defiles.
· Love of Money = fear to be without money, controls decisions and activities.
· Money has no power – Mammon does.
· Lk.16:9-14 “Faithful in least – faithful in much”.
V9 Make friends of mammon of unrighteousness = seems to imply use money to make friends.
Key Word: When you “fail” = when you die.
Take unrighteous money, redeem it and use it to bring people into the K ingdom of God.
When you die – people from other nations meet you, welcome you, thank you.
God is able to turn money into souls – money is neutral.
· True Riches = people
5. How to Break Free of the Spirit of Mammon?
(a) Repentance
(b) Honour God with the first portion.
(c) Become a good steward of your money
· Faithful in little – God sees what you do with a little and gives you more.