The Spirit of Mammon HTML version

came from BayCity! It's just extraordinary. So I want to thank you, and honour you,
because this is what's called: “making friends out of unrighteous Mammon”.
This is about using wealth, to bring in the nations of the world, for when you fail.
So how can we break free of the Spirit of Mammon? I think the first thing is to recognise
the signs that you're in bondage - and there can be many reasons.
There can be acute lack when you're younger. It can be going through hardship, and
you make inner resolves: I'll never, never lack; or: I'll never have my family - you can do
all this kind of stuff out of bitterness, hurts, pains and failures; or out of just straight
being under the influence of the spirit; and we come into bondage.
The first thing to do is just recognise: I'm in that place of bondage. The second thing is
to come to the Lord and repent.
This is a spirit - it's not about the money. It's the spirit that gets a grip of your heart, so
you can't access God's blessing and fruitfulness on your lives, as He wants you to.
I know there'll be some people here, and around the issue of money, there's immense
bitterness, immense grief and pain, all kinds of injustices you've faced, and difficulties
and hardships; but you don't have to be in bondage to that spirit.
You can instead let God heal your heart, bring you to a place of enlightenment. Number
one step, is to acknowledge where I'm at. Number two, I need to come to the Lord with
a repentant heart, and say: God, I'm sorry I put my trust in these things.
The third thing is: I need to honour God. We won't go into that today, but I need to
actually make a decision: that with my finances, I will give God a place of honour. We'll
talk about that in another session. How can I honour God with my finances? I've go t to
honour God with them, to bring His blessing over them; because otherwise there's
another spirit that says: “not enough”.
Finally, I need to learn how to be a good steward of what God has given me - so that's
another aspect again. So I need to recognise: there's a problem. I need to come to the
one who can help in repentance and faith, expecting Him to help.
I need to make some changes, so I start to honour God with my giving - with the first of
everything I have; and then finally: I need to become a great steward of what God has
given me, so I actually then use well what God has given me; and that involves a whole
range of things in our life.
Closing Prayer
Father, I just thank you for your presence here today, helping us to deal with that thing,
to deal with this issue of money. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus.