The Soul of Golf HTML version

to the truth those who have been led astray by the false teaching of
the most eminent men associated with the game, teaching which
they do not themselves practise. At the same time it seeks to impart
the great fundamental principles, without which even the beginner
must be seriously handicapped.
It does not concern itself with showing how the golfer must play
certain strokes. That certainly may be done better on the links than
in the smoking-room; but it concerns itself deeply with those
things which every golfer who wishes really to know golf, should
have stowed away in his mind with such certainty and familiarity
that he ceases almost to regard them as knowledge, and comes to
use them by habit.
When the golfer gets into this frame of mind, and not until then,
will he be able to understand and truly appreciate the meaning and
value of "the soul of golf."
This he will never do by following the predominantmass of false
teaching. This book is a challenge, but it is not a question of Vaile
against Vardon, Braid, Taylor, Professor Thomson, and others. The
issue is above that. It is a question of truth or untruth. Nothing
matters but the truth. It rests with the golfing world to find out for
itself which is the truth. This it can do with comfort in its arm-
chair, and afterwards it can with much enhanced comfort, almost
insensibly, weave that truth into the fabric of its game, and so
through sheer practice, born of the purest and highest theory—for
there is no other way—come to the soul of golf.