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Of course, there is more to it than that.
Mesoamerica stretches from northern Honduras and El Salvador up through Guatemala,
Belize and Mexico and into the four corners area of the United States. Each Indian tribe
will insist that it has developed its own unique culture, but there are certain myths,
legends and beliefs that seemed to span the entire region. One of those myths is the pre-
Columbian belief that a bearded white man once lived with the Indians and then left them
and headed for the East. According to the legend, he would one day return to reunite the
two great peoples; the red man and the white. The Maya called this man Kukulcan; the
Aztecs and Toltecs called him Quetzalcoatl, the “feathered serpent.” The prophesied date
for his return in the Aztec calendar was Ce Acatl, which corresponds to the Christian year
1519, the year that Hernan Cortes appeared off the coast of Mexico. The Spaniards
destroyed nearly everything during the Conquest, and so very little remains of those
legends from the “high cultures”. But thanks to Frank Waters, who wrote The Book of
the Hopi, we have a compelling and comprehensive version of their legend—the Hopi
The prophesied date of Pahana’s return was the same as Quetzalcoatl’s. According to the
myth, if he did not return on that date, it would be hundreds of years before his arrival.
And that makes a very long road to walk.