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The social interaction is a practical guide to learn Interaction with people
regardless of their gender. It explains in easy way how any conversation
or any interaction go through step by step process in natural way
especially with women. It should not be limited to interact with women
only, as it explains very clearly step by step interaction process between
two people.
The purpose of writing The Social Interaction after spending 7 years
studying social skills from different resource, is only to help those people
who find themselves victim of awkwardness in social situations. Growing
up in an isolated place away from big social situations not only made me
awkward kid but also impacted me in my 20’s which prevented me to
grow myself as a man. It took me while to figure out what is the reason
behind my awkwardness in social situations, which I figure out by
studying all different kind of psychology books, all different on-line
resource. I tried all different ways to handle social situations but only one
which I found after long studies has changed my life when it comes to
social interaction, which I shared in The Social Interaction guide with
the believe that these principles can help you as well.