The Sneaky Squeak HTML version

The Sneaky Squeak
One day a young boy named Tommy had gotten a new a new pair of shoes.
He went up stairs to try them on. Tommy began walking around and thats
when he heard a squeaking sound. He stopped at once in a terrible fright,
but the sound he heard was no where in sight. He started walking towards
his bedroom door, and heard the sneaky squeak once more. Tommy ran to
his closet as fast as could be, and the squeak went with him, but no squeak,
could he see. He stripped his bed, pillows, and all; he even checked all four
of his bedroom walls. Tommy thought to himself, where are you, you sneaky
squeak? Around corners, he even peaked. He ran downstairs and the squeak
ran to. Tommy was not sure what to do. He looked under the couch, and
under his hat; he even went as far as to look under the cat. You sneaky
squeak he mumbled, I will find you yet. If it takes all day, I will find you, I
bet. Tommy ran outside and looked around the trees, he even ran around the
house, stirring up a swarm of bees. He ran to the garage, but the squeak was
still there, he stomped his foot yelling, this just isn't fair. Tommy ran back to
the house as fast as he could, but the squeak followed close, as he knew it
would. Tommy saw his sister come walking in, and he yelled, sis! Where
have you been? She said Tommy, calm down, I went to the store, why are
you crawling around on the kitchen floor? There is something squeaky
following me, something really sneaky, don't you see. His sister said, “I
don't see anything, or hear a sound”. Oh yeah, Tommy said, just listen when
I walk around. Tommy began to walk and the squeak went to. His sister
began laughing and said you silly boy, the squeak you hear is coming from
your new shoes.
By Johnny Rabbit