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When I entered the classroom, one of the teachers present,

said to the boys who attended the 4th class in primary school at the

end of the school year. Boy’s and girlś this year that I have been

with you, I have taken into account all matters that have taught so

that they are recorded within you, when going to the Preparatory

Cycle you are able to move forward in your future studies as made

so far. You all know that whenever I can to teach you what I

know, but over the years heard many things that you have asked me

the different materials that we give. That is related to Spirituality,

a matter which I also never learned when I became a teacher.

So congratulations are in today, it will be a different class from all

others that I have given to all of you to put all the issues related to

the topic they wish. So today we have our guest here as an author

and writer of several books about the Spiritual Science. Then say

good morning to our guest, exclaimed the teacher. So everyone tune

in chorus means, if they heard the angels fall from heaven said good


José Cruz


Spirituality In School

Lesson 1th

The Colors inside the Head

Hello everyone said the author, in low tone with a slight

smile and bright eyes. After several seconds of silence to view all

Small said! It seems that today I went back to school again, not as

a student I've ever been as you, but as a being of light in human

form, not to teach you anything but to give you all know who you

are, the teacher who truly heard everything from a raised eyebrows

and shaking hands with the long hair that had blocked the vision

of one eye. The author continued.

Well we do so, not to mention all at once. When any of you have

any questions to put your finger in the air, and that order will put

your questions.

OK? Asked the author

And all confirmed that nodded.

Another thing the author said.

Although you do not know your names you know everyone, so you

will not treat the names that sign in your work. Only there will be

only fingers and nothing else. Agree.

The affirmative agreed that all over again with his head. Excellent,

commented the author.

Come then begin, and already most of the guys had his finger in the


Is there already so many!

José Cruz

Well after all who will be the first to ask the first question,

immediately responded with a girl the finger in the air, looking

older due to their physical completeness that left much to be desired

for some women.

Yes replied the author flexing his head slightly forward without

looking at her talking in the middle of the eyes.

Finger said then.

The Lord tells me why when in the evening, go to sleep and close

my eyes I see colors in my head?

The author after listening to it carefully raised his eyes to the whole

class. And he said.

As you do not treat you for your name, you also do not treat me by

the Lord. Although it is older than you, I feel equal to you. So treat

me or call me as I give way more and feel comfortable with you, or

just treat me by my name. Okay!

They felt comfortable with such confused by the author, being on a

par with an adult what was not usual in the classroom. But they


Let's go and meet the girl.

Well, the fact that when you close your eyes day or night or even

during the day, beyond the things that normally you see the colors

are also there. All these colors come from the Universe. That is all

that you see the rainbow that you can make up in heaven when you

see these colors in the form of light reaching the Earth, they hit you

as well.


Spirituality In School

When you reach through a gland that has located at the top of the

head of pituitary name, it receives the light from the sky and turn

or the guard on the inside of your body, specifically in the cells as

energy, to open their eyes when that same light is projected through

them to the outside, which in turn to reach any object, this light on

contact with the most dense that light is made the object, by

shocking with the object creates a vibration, which in turn returns

to your eyes after coming to your brain where it is replaced by the

perception of the object seen, identifying the next.

Then during the day gather light, it comes out and sometimes you

see bright particles, for example against the sun or where there is

much clarity. These bright particles when they unite in large

quantities can turn into clouds. These clouds turn back to the brain,

there are retained. These same clouds during the day when they

study hard and also play with. They are transformed into energy to

give you strength and make all your stuff. If you do not hard

enough physically or mentally, that energy is retained in your body

to the night.

So when you close your eyes or even with your eyes open in the

darkness of your room, and then envision these colors. That may be

in the form of clouds like those you see in Heaven

If darker mean is you longer than you ought to do exercises, mental

stilts or not you think there quite well about certain things, and

you spent more energy than you should.

But if clouds or waving colors, which can also be fixed, like a big

sky clear of any color, or rays of light or in the form of stars, there

are more than the clouds blown away by turning your body into

small pieces again.

Got it?

Asked the author

What the girl said yes.

José Cruz


Spirituality In School

Lesson 2th


Many fingers have already downloaded; others were still in

the air, with their tips pointing toward the ceiling, and the arm

being held by the other not to fall down.

Who's next? Asked the author

Now I'm a boy answered in a portfolio further away from the

window where it was pasted a drawing done in pencil color, with

two trees on either side, a house that stood in the middle, and

which had a fireplace to smoke black. Below passed a small stream

in which there was a small bridge which described the two sides.

And there high up in the sun shone painted light colors that stand

out were its rays. And right in the center a stronger yellow, in

which two points via-shaped eyes, with a few lashes to the center a

large nose that more resembled a withered carrot, which ended with

the middle next to circulate more risk-shaped smile Mock.

The author returned to tilt the head slightly forward so as a sign

that the child could expose your question.

You know often when I lie down I find myself surrounded by

figures like ghosts, so I cover my head and they disappear but I'm

afraid! I have told my parents, but they tell me I'm so tired that his

head makes me see these things.

Why is this happening to me?

The author looked into his eyes as reading your Soul.

José Cruz

And with a smile that exuded from her face her figure.


These include that you see the ghost flames; there are more than you

have visions of other beings of light that have departed this life to


In another life the boy asked perplexed.

Yes these figures have lived their lives on Earth to evolve, and then

when the time comes to leave for some other life that we call the


But those people as not having lived on Earth evolved enough as

beings of Light, so they can leave in complete peace with

themselves, at the time they leave the physical body to join the Soul

in the Astral plane, did not have the necessary light to ascend or go

up to that higher plane that exists in the Cosmos. Since they have

the necessary light and light as you should have learned is equal to


These light beings are weak and faint hovering, lean back and sit

up or lie down with the people who are alive, why this happens,

because these beings need the brightest light and clear that

surrounds you and you can continue to maintain to remain as still

beings of light, but the negative feature when you feel fear, but

that's the way they have to feed of your physical energy Cosmic.

Because these forms of energy when the negative envision, make

you feel afraid. The fear is part of a vibration that goes through

your mind and your entire body, thus generating an enormous

intensity of negative energy, which in turn leaves your physical

body, through the many centers that have energy distributed by

your body.

These negative beings will feed this negative energy to keep that

picture you see.

You got to follow what I said!

The author asked while looking at the rest of the guys who

followed carefully what he said


Spirituality In School

So far yes, but I still have something you wanted to know! The

author did mention it to continue.

So why do the ghosts disappear when I cover my head?

Well said the author!

Because you covert the head due to the fear you feel, you defend

this attitude naturally without knowledge, because so did thy

spirit, not to run each time this happens to you more afraid.

At that time your Spirit sends a message to your mind, for her to

stop being afraid. And when the mind receives this message, your

hands instinctively cover your head with the blanked.

By making this document to your mind for must and almost stop

generates a new power pole and positive color, going immediately

stop making negative energy. After this happens with these figures

do not take more energy to power you.

They disappear completely, and then you can sleep peacefully.

Now I'll give you a hint.

When you return to these ghosts appear. You will never be afraid or

scared at all. Because these beings to stand in the way they present

themselves, are made of weaker energy than those owned. So you

can never do any harm.

Simply you just ignore them and not are afraid.

Because fear is generated only in the mind, the negative vibrations

that make you feel otherwise may never happen.

Because by the time they feel they'll lose the fear of letting go and

come, go looking for another person for you to generate fear.

All felt what he said?

A new silence came over the classroom.

José Cruz


Spirituality In School

Lesson 3th

The Vibration of the Words

In one corner stood a boy with the eyes half closed with his

hands supporting his head half-lying on the desk, it appeared that

the night was not your friend.

The author led him to speak softly breaking the silence that was


So you're sleeping or heard differently from your colleagues?

The boy got up very quietly yor head and said!

I was not sleeping or something, and thus feel better what it says.

The author replied to him.

And he asked him.

You know why?

He said the boy.

Because the words that they issue energy in vibration state, which

in turn while not hear with your ears, you can feel the vibration

through which they contain.

That on reaching the top of your portfolio where you had your

hands resting, they in turn feel that energy, and pass directly to

your pituitary gland that have the top of the head, then turns her

into a more subtle energy that we can also call of thinner.

That then goes to your brain that identifies it as if it had come by

your ears naturally, seeing and keeping what he said.

José Cruz

Your colleague just gives you a good example of how one can and

should learn in a certain areas that are given verbally, not requiring

the application of vision.

Because to do is spend a grid amount of energy we have in our


So if you close your eyes and remain alert to what your teachers say,

so focusing only on what they hear, learn faster and never forget.

Because they are learning through sounds, and your Spirits

understand us and what we still do not think it will keep forever in

the drawer of thy Soul.


Spirituality In School

Lesson 4th

The Silence of Mind

A new finger was already taut in the air. It was a girl in blue

dress. His cheeks were rosy from having been so long with a

question on the tip of the tongue to be made.

Tell me then, the author said so tender and accentuating his head

slightly toward you.

Is this the girl said, when I was little my father taught me to

meditate, which I loved. I sat cross-legged, joined the palms of

hands and closed his eyes, in my room before going to bed and

forgot everything he had done during the day.

After beginning to see very bright lights, castles that seemed to

float in the air, little elves and fairies, and those that come in

animation films. And I loved to see those beings of light off, with

only a small candle to light my room.

You know, the girl continued.

José Cruz

I considered it and sometimes fell asleep sitting up. But with time

all these friends that visited me every night, began to fail to appear.

Now try and find them inside my head and I cannot find.

Sometimes I see them but disappear immediately, leaving me very

sad because he spoke with them and played well. I asked my mother

because my father before me musing separated from my mother for

some time. My mother told me I was growing up and as we grow

these things no longer appear and forget as with her for my age.

Again I asked him why this happens.

She just shrugged and gave me a goodnight kiss, told me that the

best was when they were sleeping in the morning when you wake

up I know the answer for myself.

Only when you wake up still did not know the answer, and felt

that it was not worth asking again because my mother if she knew

it had responded to me the night before.

Does the Cruz I can explain why my friends I stopped coming. And

I feel so lonely and I do not know who to ask more?

A new, uniform silence reigned over the classroom, and for a few

minutes just looking at the author. Besides the girl who had

listened attentively, as well as with other colleagues and teachers

who were also present, so that broke the utter silence that had

hitherto remained, which was already beginning to make some more

restless in their chairs.

Well said the author looking over all.

Feel that?

A teacher asked more curious what?

The author commented!

Two important things have passed.

The first was the absolute silence!

The second was that the minds of you all stopped while there was



Spirituality In School

These are the exact answers to answer questions that girl in the

blue dress.

Said the author

The girl looked into his eyes and said.

I already have the answer he wanted. Thanking lowered small eyes

and drew a brief smile like it's the very, happy to be herself. The

curious teacher raising his hand exclaimed loudly! Now I'm still

worse than before. Asked why the author?

Apparently the girl understood but I'm confused, about what

silence has to do with the fact that the girl back to find such

imaginary friends!

The author smiled and felt that teacher was far from a reality that

is not seen but felt.

And he said!

The girl like many here, do not get it.

Just felt what happened.

For those who want to understand, it becomes impossible to feel

and those who feel too, they do not think for anyone not able to

accommodate both symptoms at the same time one or the other.

So this is.

And so I will answer those who felt rather than understood.

The silence in which all stand for a few minutes, the silence is

necessary in any meditation you do.

The girl even try meditation in the silence of his room and unable to

meet their friends, is the fact that it started to take better care

what happens outside himself.

How certain rules in excess, compliments of times, the situation of

the parents are separated, and the father is the person who was

more knowledgeable in these things Spiritual, and apparently has

not helped to discern what goes with it, like the new material that

has absorbed since he started school.

José Cruz

Well then by that I point out that the girl who used to live in

communion with his elves and fairies. Belonging to the Plan or

Spiritual Sidereal want to set, was forced to be removed by the

imposition of these extreme requirements in record time in a very

short learning all that was new to her and it is through the mind.

In turn the mind that is an almost perfect mechanism started

taking it, through what we call habits, tastes, thoughts, illusions

and delusions.

Then to get more and more to live on these determinios of mind,

which controls the physical body rest, she increasingly

unconsciously, that does not have time for everything, including

itself at certain times, so necessary for their Real Mental and

Spiritual balance.

Will increasingly abandoning the practice of meditation, and

increasingly living in the mind and the products it developed.

So when it occasionally arises in meditation, instead of seeing

everything that previously envisioned, because everything he had

done throughout the day did not think, and thus had a mind free to

wander through the Spirit.

Not so now.

Because when she tries to meditate, your head is full of memories,

actions and thoughts of things that have happened throughout the


And she does not know how to ignore these thoughts; they will fill

your head in time to meditate.

The head is just as busy and having in mind everything that

happened, and full of thoughts and other things in most cases

unnecessary screens into account.

It turns out that their friends always continue to visit, to repair it

has a head full of thoughts that seem more dark clouds on rainy



Spirituality In School

They are not as space inside the head of the girl are then the door of

the head as if it is a house waiting for the owner they open the door

to be admitted to talk and play.

With this explanation it comes to the conclusion that the mind is

not necessary to meditation as well as other things that happens in


That's why you should keep everything the mind does and wants,

whether it is necessary or not.

If it is an illusion is something that is created by the mind, that

when it is not realized turns into disappointment.

And you feel ill!

So everything that comes from Spirit and without the slightest

shadow of doubt is real and remains forever and makes you feel

good with yourself and with others.

Now faces a situation that is more or less like this!

How do you go away these dark clouds from inside the head, to

make room for other more beautiful and known to make you feel


Over time and the books I have written, as I have been giving

lectures, I have always taken special care to warn people how you

should relate to the mind.

But once again I'll point out the best way to deal with it.

The mind is known as a mechanism is controlled on the orders of

the Soul by the Spirit.

The mind in having the necessary orders to do what must be then

sends messages to the rest of the physical body, how to walk, talk,

smell, eat, sleep, etc.

Well the mind is a mechanism that needs to evolve here on Earth.

This mechanism can be called so, never stop, but we departed to

another life.

The black clouds that appear in the mind are no more unwanted

thoughts that we cannot send away anyway, because they are part

of you.

So how do!

José Cruz

Will have to be ignored

Remember earlier when we were all silent for a minute?

With a simple technique all eased your minds during this time.

Because during that time have not uttered a single word!

Minds simply slowed the most, waiting for something to be said.

As you notice they do not know to create, but would know what

was going to say next.

And this is not possible because the mind is nothing but an almost

perfect mechanism.

The same cannot be said of the Spirit.

Because through Intuition or Clairvoyance it has the ability to

guess what will be said.

So this is!

When in meditation these dark clouds appear in the head, nothing

should be done to remove them. Because the more they try to pull

away, for longer they will stay inside your head.

Let us consider the inside of your head is more like a television


So you do nothing and then always with his eyes closed as he does

that girl in the blue dress.

You ignore everything that goes on inside of your television, just

watch and nothing else, because these clouds like to be seen. And

when they leave they feel observed and just and only just being seen

and nothing more without making judgments or think anything

about them.

They disappear to soft and soft in the same way they appeared.

Of course it is often not an overnight, because it also was not as

they appeared.

But with the practice of being alone or in company of your friends

real and not imaginary, as many call it but are not.

Because if they were imaginary had been made through the mind

and woe and only in this way one could say that someone did not

have the paralytic neat box.


Spirituality In School