The Simple and Easy Way to Ledger & Feeder Fishing HTML version

The very first thing that you will require if in the UK, (unless under the age of 12 years), is
a Rod Licence available on line at;
A Standard licence will permit the use of 2 rods
Do you intend to fish all year, just for a couple of weeks or just for 1 or 2 days, you can
purchase a licence accordingly.
Where do you want to fish:
Unless you have a particular water in mind, you will need to find out what’s available in
you region. These are often listed in various magazines, but usually only one or two per
week. Yellow pages may have details of large commercial waters, but by far the best
source of information is a tackle shop in your chosen area, their details can be found in
yellow pages, or if going away on holiday
Day Ticket Still Water Venue
Open to General Public & available to fish often with no close season. Day Ticket charges
vary. The venues Rules & Regulations will also vary double check before you commence
Fishing on ANY river is NOT allowed between 15 March to 15 June inclusive. The coarse
fish Close Season applies to all rivers, streams and drains in England & Wales, but does
not apply to some still waters. There are, however, some exceptions that retain the Close
Season - the Broads always check first.
Large proportions of rivers are governed by Private clubs and non-members are not
allowed to fish, unless the club operates a day ticket scheme.
Club Water
12 month Annual Subscription will be required. Club waters often incorporate a Close
Season, however there are exceptions ALWAYS check dates with the Club Secretary if
there is a Close Season.
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