The Simple Sabotage Field Manual HTML version

Acts of simple sabotage are occurring throughout Europe. An
effort should be made to add to their efficiency, lessen their
detectability, and increase their number. Acts of simple sabotage,
multiplied by thousands of citizen-saboteurs, can be an effective
weapon against the enemy. Slashing tires, draining fuel tanks,
starting fires, starting arguments, acting stupidly, short-circuiting
electric systems, abrading machine parts will waste materials,
manpower, and time. Occurring on a wide scale, simple sabotage
will be a constant and tangible drag on the war effort of the enemy.
Simple sabotage may also have secondary results of more or less
value. Widespread practice of simple sabotage will harass and
demoralize enemy administrators and police. Further, success may
embolden the citizen-saboteur eventually to find colleagues who
can assist him in sabotage of greater dimensions. Finally, the very
practice of simple sabotage by natives in enemy or occupied
territory may make these individuals identify themselves actively
with the United Nations war effort, and encourage them to assist
openly in periods of Allied invasion and occupation.
To incite the citizen to the active practice of simple sabotage and to
keep him practicing that sabotage over sustained periods is a
special problem.
Simple sabotage is often an act which the citizen performs
according to his own initiative and inclination. Acts of destruction
do not bring him any personal gain and may be completely foreign
to his habitually conservationist attitude toward materials and
tools. Purposeful stupidity is contrary to human nature. He
frequently needs pressure, stimulation or assurance, and
information and suggestions regarding feasible methods of simple