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The Silver Fingernails
In the moment she pulled out a gun and shot herself in the head I knew that it's serious...but I guess
that's not a good way to start out. Let's start with a fact. The fact that I hate boring weddings. All
weddings are boring. I hate them all and so does my wife, Layora. Even our own wedding was
boring. We didn't want to have a big celebration but our families pressed us to do it. We felt like
kids because they chiefly persuaded us by telling us that we will get a lot of presents. Well, we were
not hoping for dishes, though. Speaking of families, although I don't like weddings I think it is
important to attend them if it's someone from your family who is getting married. If it's someone
you know and love. But I visited too many weddings from people that I saw once or twice in my
life. Why do I visit them if I don't want to? Well, because of my mother...“You are invited so you go
there! One day you will marry and then you want them to come, too!” She also was the one who
wanted the most a party. If my father would have been still alive I'm sure he would have understood
me. He always did...until he passed away. The wedding I had to visit on Friday night, 15 years ago,
was one of these weddings where I barely knew the people. But it was also the wedding that
changed my life.
It was a big wedding since it were rich people who were marrying. My mother knew the bride very
well so Layora and I met her and her fiancee a few times and they liked us...which is unusual. And
so it happened that they even invited us to their wedding. It was 22 PM when my wife and I were
sitting next to each other by ourselves at a table. Bored we watched the others.
'Why are we here again, Nathaniel?' said my wife listless.
'You know why, Layo.' She sighed. I said,
'I wonder how many people were bored because of our wedding.'
'Erm...all of them?'
'Look at those people. Not all of them seem to be bored. Some even have fun...I guess.'
'I will have fun as soon as this shit is over.' said Layora with her head on the table. In the distance I
saw how my mother was sitting at a table with other women. Suddenly she stood up and lighting a
cigarette she moved towards us. Already annoyed, Layora came closer to me and whispered,
'Your mother is coming.'
'I see it. No matter what she says, stay calm.'
'I don't promise anything!' My mother was three meters away from us but already started shouting
with a scowl,
'What the hell are you two doing back here alone? Get your asses up and socialize a bit!' She sat
down in front of us, took a drag from her cigarette, and said,
'Layora! Are you pregnant?'
'Mom!' I said looking angry to her. You must know that my wife, Layora, is a gorgeous woman. She
wasn't even a little fat back then but that was not the reason why my mother asked such a question.
She forced a smile and chuckled,
'Not that I know of.' Here is another fact you should know about me and my wife. We do not want
to have kids! But my mother thinks differently. She looked at me and said,
'Nathaniel, why is she still not pregnant? Leave the damn condoms in the drawer tonight!'
'Mom...please. Not now!' She stood up, intimidating she looked down to me, and said,
'You should have done it the night you married her! I'm sure she convinced you not to do it. She
manipulates you, Nathaniel!' With those “nice” words she finally left us alone. Layora said nothing
but her expression told me everything.
'I'm so sorry!' I said putting my hand carefully on her shoulder.
'Why is she such a bitch?'
'I'm her only son, Layo. She wants a grandchild and we're the only ones who can give her one.'
'My parents want one, too, Nathaniel. But they're not like that!'
'I mom is...different.' Our families might have convinced us to have a big celebration but