The Secret to a Soul Satisfying Relationship HTML version

lonely beggar hears someone approaching in
the dark he begins to anticipate what omes he
might be able to receive from the passing
traveler whose foot steps he can hear
approaching. Will it be a rich merchant
coming from a profitable business venture or
will it be a wealthy nobleman, or perhaps even
a dignitary traveling to visit the king with
much wealth. Alas the beggar comes face to
face with the traveler and as the moon come
out from behind the clouds his begging cup
comes clashing against something metal as the
light then reveals he is standing face to face
with another beggar, also with his out
stretched begging bowl.
In unconscious relationships this grasping for
what we think we should get from another
causes us not to look within to see where we are
feeling less than whole and as a result we think
of others as our means to fill our cup of well
being. This is the primary reason that
statistically 4 out of 5mirage partners say they
are less happy after 4 years than they were on
the day they married. We have unconsciously
asked the union to do what only we can do for
ourselves. Our health and wellbeing has always
been an inside job and no amount of external
begging can fill this inner cup. The
relationship union is however a very useful tool