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The Secret of Gorgeous Definition
The fitness program you practice must include
skeletal alignment corrective methods, and
principles that ensure your workout is symmetrical.
In order to achieve gorgeous definition, your muscles must be lengthened
to their full capacity while you are exercising. If you fail to include this
important element, you run the risk of creating muscular misbalances,
reducing muscle functionality, and promoting injury.
Creating gorgeous definition is only possible when the muscles being
conditioned are held at full length, and you work your body symmetrically
across all sagittal, frontal and transverse planes. And since full muscle
length is only possible when your skeleton is in its correct alignment, you
must therefore ensure the program you practice pays particular attention
to the corrective alignment of your skeleton.
To be complete AND effective, the skeletal alignment work incorporated
should include instructions for corrective adjustments to your feet, knees,
pelvis, spine, bottom of rib cage, chest, shoulders, back of neck, chin and
crown. If any of these areas are ignored, you will not get your best results.
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