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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

The Secret to Atheness

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Published: 3 years ago

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Katie thought nothing exciting was ever going to happen in her life. Soon all that changed, when the necklace she wore transports her to a world she never thought possible. Katie will need all her courage to help save this magical world. She must protect a precious gift that can change this world called Atheness forever. With time running out, Katie must make a choice that can both doom this world or be its salvation.


SPOILER ALERT!!I agree with Chris. There are often misspelled words (past-passed as one example) that confuse young or non-native readers like myself. The story is quite naive and there are plotlines that are never explained (i.e. when and why Katie had been to Atheness). In my opinion also the deus-ex-machina scheme is overused (James just bumping into the sleeping Elf, Q. Adrianna just showing up and saying "Yes, you have babies," Chadwick giving his magic to Katie...). I also didn´t like that Katie didn't tell James about the babies - if there is so much love as the author tries to convince us, there should also be sincerity and trust.Still, it is a good reading for summer holiday.

Chris Bird

A pleasant read. Misuse of words like "vile" when really meaning to use "vial" tend to be distracting and a bad example for younger readers. Mixing past, present and future tense in the same sentence is also a little off-putting.


Quite an imagination of the author!Although a bit childlike at some places...but still enjoyed it a lot.Thanks for sharing it...

Patricia Holland

I just LOVE this story!


Great book once I started reading it I felt compelled to continue until I had finished it



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