The Secret of a Relaxed Neck Unveiled HTML version

Secrets of the neck
In an E-book it might seem a bit strange that there is giving so much background
information, but I can ensure you that this background information is important to
improve the self healing ability of your neck. We will give the 31 tips after this
background information.
The spinal column
The spinal column is one of the most important
parts of our body. Without a spinal column, we
can’t make our movements and we can’t stand
right up. The spinal column gives our body
support, protects the spinal cord and makes sure
we can make our movements. Through certain
nerves in our spinal cord, information is
transported to the brain and the subconscious
brain. You understand it’s very important to keep
our spinal column healthy.
The spinal column is built of conjoined vertebrae. 7 cervical vertebrae (cervical
curve), 12 thoracic vertebrae (thoracic curve), 5 lumbar vertebrae (lumbar curve) ,
1 sacrum and coccygeal vertebrae (together the sacral curve).