The Secret of a Relaxed Neck Unveiled HTML version

Neck complaints are very common, and many people suffer from them. Though, very
few people know that neck complaints can be cured and prevented.
I have treated neck complaints for over 10 years as a physiotherapist, chair masseur
and ergo therapist, so I know very well that neck complaints are very difficult to
This E-book will give a short theoretical exposition of the anatomy of the neck and
the reasons why stress in the neck can occur. But the most important aim is how we
can relax our neck as well as possible with simple techniques and little time.
Because: relaxation is the most important aspect in preventing and curing neck
complaints. Relaxation on every moment of the day and in every situation.
To really deal with neck complaints better, you need the right tools. Frankly, you
need a whole tool-box with techniques and methods to prevent and cure neck
complaints. This tool-box can be filled with methods described in this E-book. I will
give you 31 tips; all of them are valuable methods and techniques to give you
relaxation in your neck yet again.
It’s not possible to let your neck complaints vanish in thin air with one idea or
technique and not every method works well for everyone. You’ll have to put your
own package of methods together, that you can apply on the different aspects of
your life. That can be attending to your eating habits, the amount of sleep you get,
how you sit or stand, or your exercising pattern. Dealing with neck complaints
effectively, means arranging your life effectively.
Very well, let’s start!