The Secret Behind the Secret HTML version

You see, the mind is only creative. It will create whatever you hold in mind
provided there are no subconscious blocks in conflict with it. So if you are
always worrying about money problems, your mind will create more money
problems for you.
The mind is kind of like an oven. If you put in a shoe, it will bake a
doesn’t care (or can’t tell the difference) that you don’t want what you are
holding in mind…
Yet we do that all the time when we are resisting
or trying to keep away what we don’t want in life (like debt, extra weight
When you are fighting something, whatever it is, you are unconsciously
creating more of that very thing.
Put another way, if you are getting upset or angry at your current situation,
whether it be financial, health etc, you are creating more of that. The Sedona
Method is one method of releasing this resistance.
There are other techniques that can help you do that as well…but
subconscious resistance is very sneaky stuff. You probably don’t hear it get
talked about a lot but it can really create a lot of unnecessary suffering and
sabotage your best efforts if its not released.
Unfortunately, when trying to attract something into your life, associating
positive feelings and emotions to it doesn’t work as well. I know, that’s what
we are told in these books but it doesn’t work. I will explain why in the next