The Second Internet HTML version

antenna”), and the rest is history. The man was Ted Turner, and his bright idea created the Turner
Broadcast System (TBS), which along the way produced CNN, CNN Headline News, Cartoon Network,
Turner Network Television (TNT), and many other things. His success allowed him to buy the Braves
baseball team, and the entire film library of MGM (not to mention a famous starlet wife, sometimes also
called “Hanoi Jane”). When he began relaying his Channel 17 signal, his viewership went from maybe
10,000 to 10,000,000 virtually overnight. That was a world changing insight.
Some bright entrepreneur is going to realize that global multicast IPTV is the same kind of opportunity.
Wonder what he (or she) will create with the wealth thereby generated? What country will they be
from? I’m betting India.
I did warn you that this is revolutionary, highly disruptive technology. However, with great disruption
comes great opportunity.
1.9 – Why Am I the One Writing This Book? Just Who Do I Think I Am, Anyway?
I have been personally involved in helping create and deploy the Second Internet for many years. I’ve
spoken at IPv6 summits around the world, including Beijing, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Taipei,
Potsdam and Washington D.C. I have so far invested 8 years of my life and about $7M of my own
personal funds (which came from selling a previous Internet based venture called CipherTrust where I
was cofounder). I have relocated myself and my family from the United States to Asia to be where the
action is (in these early days, the Second Internet really is somewhat of an “Asian thing”, but soon
enough it will be worldwide). I’ve built a company that now has six years of experience, deep pools of
expertise, and already three critical products needed to build networks for the Second Internet (with
two more products underway). We have recently been certified as one of the six official IPv6 Ready
testing centers in the world. This is by far the biggest opportunity I’ve seen in my 37 years in IT.
Now, have I gotten your attention? Great – now let’s explore just what the Second Internet is all about.