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The Seasons of Our Lives

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Published: 3 years ago

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As you may have noticed, we frequently pass life through good and bad seasons. A good season gives its place to a bad, and a bad season gives its place to a good one and so on. Beethoven for example, went through a bad period at age 32 because he had become totally deaf. Contemplating suicide, he wrote his will. Then a good season returned. Beethoven overcame his hearing problem and was recognized as one of the greatest composers. How do our lives’ seasons alternate, however? Is there any certain pattern – and thus we can foresee how long each season would last? Or do they alternate irregularly and at random? In this book you will find the answer. Based on the answer you will see how you can benefit from your lives’ alternations of seasons. The results are astonishing.


Very basic discussions but an interesting take, life is not an exact science but it certainly is a compelling argument

George Kouloukis

I am the author of this book, and of course, I must not comment on it. I have only to tell reader Athanase this: as you may have noticed, I decided to offer the book free on line to help as many people as possible to benefit from this. Some time later however, an Australian publisher (Heart Space Publications) saw the book at and they sent me an email saying what a fascinating book I have written, they wanted to publish it. Of course, I could not refuse. The book is now sold all over the world. You can see it at Amazon under the words: The Seasons of Our Lives Kouloukis paperback. At the back cover you will also see what the publisher says for the book.Thank you very much for your opinion, however.


Very unimaginative. You can not examine the various turns of life, as if they were accounting entries.

Yashhraaj Barman

A very good theory... Maybe will be able to something better to streamline my future... Thanks..


George Pan Kouloukis

George Pan Kouloukis is a Greek attorney-at-law, a barrister. As a member of the Athens Bar Association he has offered his legal services to Ionian Bank of Greece, the Electric Railways Company,and other corporations. Married, two daughters,three grandchildren. He lives in Athens, Greece.

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