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11. Zog The Terrible And His Sea Devils
"The sun must be going under a cloud," said Trot, looking ahead.
They had descended far into the ocean depths again--further, the girl thought, than they
had ever been before.
"No," the Queen answered after a glance ahead of them, "that is a cuttlefish, and he is
dyeing the sea around him with ink so that he can hide from us. Let us turn a little to the
left, for we could see nothing at all in that inky water."
Following her advice, they made a broad curve to the left, and at once the water began to
darken in that direction.
"Why, there's another of 'em," said Cap'n Bill as the little party came to a sudden halt.
"So there is," returned the Queen, and Trot thought there was a little quiver of anxiety in
her voice. "We must go far to the right to escape the ink."
So they again started, this time almost at a right angle to their former course, the little girl
"How can the cuttlefish color the water so very black?"
"They carry big sacks in front of them where they conceal the ink," Princess Clia
answered. "Whenever they choose, the cuttlefish are able to press out this ink, and it
colors the water for a great space around them."
The direction in which they were now swimming was taking them far out of their way.
Aquareine did not wish to travel very far to the right, so when she thought they had gone
far enough to escape the inky water, she turned to lead her party toward the left--the
direction in which she DID wish to go. At once another cloud of ink stained the water and
drove them to the right again.
"Is anything wrong, ma'am?" asked Cap'n Bill, seeing a frown gather upon the queen's
lovely face.
"I hope not," she said. "But I must warn you that these cuttlefish are the servants of the
terrible sea devils, and from the way they are acting they seem determined to drive us
toward the Devil Caves, which I wished to avoid."
This admission on the part of their powerful protector, the fairy mermaid, sent a chill to
the hearts of the earth people. Neither spoke for a time, but finally Cap'n Bill asked in a
timid voice: