The Scornful Lady HTML version

Act I
Enter the two Lovelesses, Savil the Steward, and a Page.
Elder Love. Brother, is your last hope past to mollifie Morecrafts heart about your
Young Love. Hopelesly past: I have presented the Usurer with a richer draught than ever
Cleopatra swallowed; he hath suckt in ten thousand pounds worth of my Land, more than
he paid for at a gulp, without Trumpets.
El. Lo. I have as hard a task to perform in this house.
Yo. Lo. Faith mine was to make an Usurer honest, or to lose my Land.
El. Lo. And mine is to perswade a passionate woman, or to leave the Land. Make the
boat stay, I fear I shall begin my unfortunate journey this night, though the darkness of
the night and the roughness of the waters might easily disswade an unwilling man.
Savil. Sir, your Fathers old friends hold it the sounder course for your body and estate to
stay at home and marry, and propagate and govern in our Country, than to Travel and die
without issue.
El. Lo. Savil, you shall gain the opinion of a better servant, in seeking to execute, not
alter my will, howsoever my intents succeed.
Yo. Lo. Yonder's Mistres Younglove, Brother, the grave rubber of your Mistresses toes.
Enter Mistres Younglove the waiting woman.
El. Lo. Mistres Younglove.
Young. Master Loveless, truly we thought your sails had been hoist: my Mistres is
perswaded you are Sea-sick ere this.
El. Lo. Loves she her ill taken up resolution so dearly? Didst thou move her from me?
Young. By this light that shines, there's no removing her, if she get a stiffe opinion by the
end. I attempted her to day when they say a woman can deny nothing.
El. Lo. What critical minute was that?
Young. When her smock was over her ears: but she was no more pliant than if it hung
about her heels.