The Science of Peace HTML version

The Theosophical Publishing House
Adyax, Madias, India
First Edition, 1904
Second ,, 7927
Brahma-bindu Upanishaf
1 Words strung together in compilations, serve only to
protect and hide knowledge, as husk and chaff the grain
; let
the wise look for the grain and cast away the chaff of
when that grain of truth has been found.'
1 Woulclst thou enclasp the beauty of the True ?
Let pass the word ; the thought, the thought pursue ! '
Maulana Rum
" Live neither in the present, nor the future, but in
Eternal, . . . because nothing that is embodied,
nothing that is
conscious of separation, nothing that is out of the
can aid you ; . . . within you is the light of the
world ....
'Read the larger word of life.'*
Light on the Path
" There is a peace that passeth and yet passeth not the
pure understanding. It abides everlastingly in the
hearts of
those that live in the Eternal."
3tfc*?R, flc