The Science of Getting Rich HTML version

Are you ready for it?
Challenge your thinking. Change your life.
In the spring of 1998, a man I'd never met sent me a book I'd never heard of, written
long ago by a man who's now been dead nearly 90 years.
That little book changed my entire life. As I put into practice the principles you'll
learn about in this book, the results were astonishing Ï and they began almost
instantly and continue to this day.
Hello! I'm Rebecca Fine, and I am so pleased to introduce you to this exciting
forgotten classic!
When The Science of Getting Rich arrived in the mail that afternoon I immediately
ripped open the package, sat down, and read it with an open mind Ï mostly because
the title was just so intriguing. And even though I must admit I found some of the old-
fashioned language and some of the ideas in the first part a bit confusing, there was
something about it that compelled me to reread those little confusing bits two or three
times until ... I got it!
Once I'd done that, I couldn't stop reading until I'd read the whole thing!
Everything changed.
Right away I began to put into practice what the book outlines ... and everything
began to change. "Coincidences" happened Ï happy ones that led to connections with
people ... that led to more connections ... that led to money beginning to flow toward
me in increasingly larger amounts and from several sources, including new and
unexpected ones.
And even though changing your habitual thinking is difficult and I'm still not as good
at it as I intend to be, my businesses began to "click," my income doubled, then
tripled, and continues to rise ... my cramped city apartment gave way to a spacious
and peaceful waterfront home ... I've established rewarding new relationships with
many generous, successful, wealthy people ... and opportunities to be, do, have, and
give more continue to show up at my doorstep almost daily.
It's amazing Ï and wonderful!
Work with the law, go with the tide.
Until this book arrived, nothing I had ever read or heard before had explained to me
so clearly that there are universal laws at work regarding wealth and success and that
if we'll just work with those laws Ï go with the tide instead of trying to swim against
it (usually unknowingly) Ï the results we want will begin to come to us. That if we
will scientifically reproduce the causes of wealth, we will invariably reproduce the
Now right off the bat, author Wallace D. Wattles says that instead of questioning how
these principles work, you'll need simply to accept them and begin to practice them.
So I did that, even though as I read I did find myself resisting from time to time and
thinking, "Well, I don't know if I can agree with that." But I'd already decided just to
accept each premise as if I thoroughly believed it.