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Chapter 22 - A Summary Of The Science Of Being
ALL men are made of the one intelligent substance, and
therefore all contain the same essential powers and
Greatness is equally inherent in all, and may be manifested
by all. Every person may become great. Every constituent of
God is a constituent of man.
Man may overcome both heredity and circumstances by
exercising the inherent creative power of the soul. If he is to
become great, the soul must act, and must rule the mind
and the body.
Man’s knowledge is limited, and he falls into error through
ignorance; to avoid this he must connect his soul with
Universal Spirit.
Universal Spirit is the intelligent substance from which all
things come; it is in and through all things. All things are
known to this universal mind, and man can so unite himself
with it as to enter into all knowledge.
To do this man must cast out of himself everything that
separates him from God.
He must will to live the divine life, and he must rise above
all moral temptations; he must forsake every course of
action that is not in accord with his highest ideals.
He must reach the right viewpoint, recognizing that God is
all, in all, and that there is nothing wrong.
He must see that nature, society, government, and industry
are perfect in their present stage, and advancing toward| brought to you by Christopher Westra  Page 96