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Chapter 20 - Serving God
I HAVE brought you thus far through the two preceding
chapters with a view to finally settling the question of duty.
This is one that puzzles and perplexes very many people
who are earnest and sincere, and gives them a great deal of
difficulty in its solution.
When they start out to make something of themselves and
to practice the science of being great, they find themselves
necessarily compelled to rearrange many of their
There are friends who perhaps must be alienated, there are
relatives who misunderstand and who feel that they are in
some way being slighted; the really great man is often
considered selfish by a large circle of people who are
connected with him and who feel that he might bestow upon
them more benefits than he does.
The question at the outset is: Is it my duty to make the
most of myself regardless of everything else? Or shall I wait
until I can do so without any friction or without causing loss
to any one? This is the question of duty to self vs. duty to
One’s duty to the world has been thoroughly discussed in
the preceding pages and I give some consideration now to
the idea of duty to God.
An immense number of people have a great deal of
uncertainty, not to say anxiety, as to what they ought to do
for God.
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