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Chapter 19 - A View Of Evolution
BUT how shall we avoid throwing ourselves into altruistic
work if we are surrounded by poverty, ignorance, suffering,
and every appearance of misery as very many people are?
Those who live where the withered hand of want is thrust
upon them from every side appealingly for aid must find it
hard to refrain from continuous giving.
Again, there are social and other irregularities, injustices
done to the weak, which fire generous souls with an almost
irresistible desire to set things right.
We want to start a crusade; we feel that the wrongs will
never be righted until we give ourselves wholly to the task.
In all this we must fall back upon the point of view.
We must remember that this is not a bad world but a good
world in the process of becoming.
Beyond all doubt there was a time when there was no life
upon this earth. The testimony of geology to the fact that
the globe was once a ball of burning gas and molten rock,
clothed about with boiling vapors, is indisputable.
And we do not know how life could have existed under such
conditions; that seems impossible. Geology tells us that later
on a crust formed, the globe cooled and hardened, the
vapors condensed and became mist or fell in rain.
The cooled surface crumbled into soil; moisture
accumulated, ponds and seas were gathered together, and
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