The Science of Being Great HTML version

Chapter 18 - Jesus’ Idea Of Greatness
IN the twenty-third chapter of Matthew Jesus makes a very
plain distinction between true and false greatness; and also
points out the one great danger to all who wish to become
great; the most insidious of temptations which all must
avoid and fight unceasingly who desire to really climb in the
Speaking to the multitude and to his disciples he bids them
beware of adopting the principle of the Pharisees.
He points out that while the Pharisees are just and righteous
men, honorable judges, true lawgivers and upright in their
dealings with men, they “love the uppermost seats at feasts
and greetings in the market place, and to be called Master,
Master”; and in comparison with this principle, he says: “He
that will be great among you let him serve.”
The average person’s idea of a great man, rather than of
one who serves, is of one who succeeds in getting himself
He gets himself in a position to command men; to exercise
power over them, making them obey his will.
The exercise of dominion over other people, to most
persons, is a great thing. Nothing seems to be sweeter to
the selfish soul than this.
You will always find every selfish and undeveloped person
trying to domineer over others, to exercise control over
other men.
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