The Science of Being Great HTML version

Chapter 17 - More About Thought
GIVE place here to some further consideration of thought.
You will never become great until your own thoughts make
you great, and therefore it is of the first importance that you
should THINK.
You will never do great things in the external world until you
think great things in the internal world; and you will never
think great things until you think about truth; about the
To think great things you must be absolutely sincere; and to
be sincere you must know that your intentions are right.
Insincere or false thinking is never great, however logical
and brilliant it may be.
The first and most important step is to seek the truth about
human relations, to know what you ought to be to other
men, and what they ought to be to you.
This brings you back to the search for a right viewpoint. You
should study organic and social evolution.
Read Darwin and Walter Thomas Mills, and when you read,
THINK; think the whole matter over until you see the world
of things and men in the right way. THINK about what God
is doing until you can SEE what he is doing.
Your next step is to think yourself into the right personal
attitude. Your viewpoint tells you what the right attitude is,
and obedience to the soul puts you into it.
It is only by making a complete consecration of yourself to
the highest that is within you that you can attain to sincere| brought to you by Christopher Westra  Page 72