The Science of Being Great HTML version

Chapter 13 - Thought
GREATNESS is only attained by the constant thinking of
great thoughts.
No man can become great in outward personality until he is
great internally; and no man can be great internally until he
No amount of education, reading, or study can make you
great without thought; but thought can make you great with
very little study.
There are altogether too many people who are trying to
make something of themselves, by reading books without
thinking; all such will fail.
You are not mentally developed by what you read, but by
what you think about what you read.
Thinking is the hardest and most exhausting of all labor; and
hence many people shrink from it.
God has so formed us that we are continuously impelled to
thought; we must either think or engage in some activity to
escape thought.
The headlong, continuous chase for pleasure in which most
people spend all their leisure time is only an effort to escape
If they are alone, or if they have nothing amusing to take
their attention, as a novel to read or a show to see, they
must think; and to escape from thinking they resort to
novels, shows, and all the endless devices of the purveyors
of amusement.| brought to you by Christopher Westra  Page 53