The Science of Being Great HTML version

Chapter 12 - Hurry And Habit
NO doubt you have many problems, domestic, social,
physical, and financial, which seem to you to be pressing for
instant solution.
You have debts that must be paid, or other obligations that
must be met; you are unhappily or inharmoniously placed,
and feel that something must be done at once.
Do not get into a hurry and act from superficial impulses.
You can trust God for the solution of all your personal
There is no hurry. There is only God, and all is well with the
There is an invincible power in you, and the same power is
in the things you want. It is bringing them to you and
bringing you to them.
This is a thought that you must grasp, and hold continuously
that the same intelligence that is in you is in the things you
They are impelled toward you as strongly and decidedly as
your desire impels you toward them.
The tendency, therefore, of a steadily held thought must be
to bring the things you desire to you and to group them
around you.
So long as you hold your thought and your faith right all
must go well.
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