The Science of Being Great HTML version

Chapter 11 - Realization
IF you were to stop with the close of the last chapter,
however, you would never become great; you would be
indeed a mere dreamer of dreams, a castle-builder.
Too many do stop there; they do not understand the
necessity for present action in realizing the vision and
bringing the thought-form into manifestation.
Two things are necessary; firstly, the making of the thought-
form and secondly, the actual appropriation to yourself of all
that goes into, and around, the thought-form.
We have discussed the first, now we will proceed to give
directions for the second.
When you have made your thought-form, you are already, in
your interior, what you want to be; next you must become
externally what you want to be.
You are already great within, but you are not yet doing the
great things without.
You cannot begin, on the instant, to do the great things; you
cannot be before the world the great actor, or lawyer, or
musician, or personality you know yourself to be; no one will
entrust great things to you as yet for you have not made
yourself known.
But you can always begin to do small things in a great way.
Here lies the whole secret.
You can begin to be great today in your own home, in your
store or office, on the street, everywhere; you can begin to
make yourself known as great, and you can do this by doing| brought to you by Christopher Westra  Page 43