The Science of Being Great HTML version

Chapter 10 - Idealization
YOU are a thinking center in original substance, and the
thoughts of original substance have creative power;
whatever is formed in its thought and held as a thought-
form must come into existence as a visible and so-called
material form, and a thought-form held in thinking
substance is a reality; it is a real thing, whether it has yet
become visible to mortal eye or not.
This is a fact that you should impress upon your
understanding - that a thought held in thinking substance is
a real thing; a form, and has actual existence, although it is
not visible to you.
You internally take the form in which you think of yourself;
and you surround yourself with the invisible forms of those
things with which you associate in your thoughts.
If you desire a thing, picture it clearly and hold the picture
steadily in mind until it becomes a definite thought-form;
and if your practices are not such as to separate you from
God, the thing you want will come to you in material form.
It must do so in obedience to the law by which the universe
was created.
Make no thought-form of yourself in connection with disease
or sickness, but form a conception of health.
Make a thought-form of yourself as strong and hearty and
perfectly well; impress this thought-form on creative
intelligence, and if your practices are not in violation of the
laws by which the physical body is built, your thought-form
will become manifest in your flesh.| brought to you by Christopher Westra  Page 39