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Chapter 9 - Identification
HAVING recognized God as the advancing presence in
nature, society, and your fellow men, and harmonized
yourself with all these, and having consecrated yourself to
that within you that impels toward the greatest and the
highest, the next step is to become aware of and recognize
fully the fact that the Principle of Power within you is God
You must consciously identify yourself with the Highest.
This is not some false or untrue position to be assumed; it is
a fact to be recognized.
You are already one with God; you want to become
consciously aware of it.
There is one substance, the source of all things, and this
substance has within itself the power that creates all things;
all power is inherent in it.
This substance is conscious and thinks; it works with perfect
understanding and intelligence.
You know that this is so, because you know that substance
exists and that consciousness exists; and that it must be
substance that is conscious.
Man is conscious and thinks; man is substance, he must be
substance, else he is nothing and does not exist at all. If
man is substance and thinks, and is conscious, then he is,
Conscious Substance.
It is not conceivable that there should be more than one
Conscious Substance; so man is the original substance, the| brought to you by Christopher Westra  Page 36