The Science of Being Great HTML version

Chapter 8 - Consecration
HAVING attained to the viewpoint that puts you into the
right relations with the world and with your fellow men, the
next step is consecration; and consecration in its true sense
simply means obedience to the soul.
You have that within you that which is always impelling you
toward the upward and advancing way; and that impelling
something is the divine Principle of Power; you must obey it
without question.
No one will deny the statement that if you are to be great,
the greatness must be a manifestation of something within;
nor can you question that this something must be the very
greatest and highest that is within.
It is not the mind, or the intellect, or the reason.
You cannot be great if you go no farther back for principle
than to your reasoning power. Reason knows neither
principle nor morality.
Your reason is like a lawyer in that it will argue for either
side. The intellect of a thief will plan robbery and murder as
readily as the intellect of a saint will plan a great
Intellect helps us to see the best means and manner of
doing the right thing, but intellect never shows us the right
Intellect and reason serve the selfish man for his selfish
ends as readily as they serve the unselfish man for his
unselfish ends.| brought to you by Christopher Westra  Page 32