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Chapter 7 - The Individual Point Of View
IMPORTANT as the matter of your point of view for the facts
of social life is, it is of less moment than your viewpoint for
your fellow men, for your acquaintances, friends, relatives,
your immediate family, and, most of all, yourself.
You must learn not to look upon the world as a lost and
decaying thing but as a something perfect and glorious
which is going on to a most beautiful completeness; and you
must learn to see men and women not as lost and accursed
things, but as perfect beings advancing to become complete.
There are no “bad” or “evil” people. An engine, which is on
the rails pulling a heavy train, is perfect after its kind, and it
is good.
The power of steam, which drives it, is good. Let a broken
rail throw the engine into the ditch, and it does not become
bad or evil by being so displaced; it is a perfectly good
engine, but off the track.
The power of steam that drives it into the ditch and wrecks
it is not evil, but a perfectly good power. So that which is
misplaced or applied in an incomplete or partial way is not
There are no evil people; there are perfectly good people
who are off the track, but they do not need condemnation or
punishment; they only need to get upon the rails again.
That which is undeveloped or incomplete often appears to us
as evil because of the way we have trained ourselves to
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