The Science of Being Great HTML version

Chapter 6 - The Social Point Of View
"WITHOUT faith it is impossible to please God,” and without
faith it is impossible for you to become great.
The distinguishing characteristic of all really great men and
women is an unwavering faith.
We see this in Lincoln during the dark days of the war; we
see it in Washington at Valley Forge; we see it in
Livingstone, the crippled missionary, threading the mazes of
the dark continent, his soul aflame with the determination to
let in the light upon the accursed slave trade, which his soul
abhorred; we see it in Luther, and in Frances Willard, in
every man and woman who has attained a place on the
muster roll of the great ones of the world.
Faith-not a faith in one’s self or in one s own powers but
faith in principle; in the Something Great which upholds
right, and which may be relied upon to give us the victory in
due time.
Without this faith it is not possible for anyone to rise to real
greatness. The man who has no faith in principle will always
be a small man.
Whether you have this faith or not depends upon your point
of view. You must learn to see the world as being produced
by evolution, as a something that is evolving and becoming,
not as a finished work.
Millions of years ago God worked with very low and crude
forms of life, low and crude, yet each perfect after its kind.
Higher and more complex organisms, animal and vegetable,
appeared through the successive ages; the earth passed| brought to you by Christopher Westra  Page 23