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Chapter 5 - Preparation
“DRAW nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you.”
If you become like God you can read his thoughts; and if
you do not you will find the inspirational perception of truth
You can never become a great man or woman until you have
overcome anxiety, worry, and fear. It is impossible for an
anxious person, a worried one, or a fearful one to perceive
truth; all things are distorted and thrown out of their proper
relations by such mental states, and those who are in them
cannot read the thoughts of God.
If you are poor, or if you are anxious about business or
financial matters, you are recommended to study carefully
the first volume of this series, “The Science of Getting Rich
That will present to you a solution for your problems of this
nature, no matter how large or how complicated they may
seem to be.
There is not the least cause for worry about financial affairs;
every person who wills to do so may rise above want, have
all he needs, and become rich.
The same source upon which you propose to draw for
mental unfolding and spiritual power is at your service for
the supply of all your material wants.
Study this truth until it is fixed in your thoughts and until
anxiety is banished from your mind; enter the Certain Way,
which leads to material riches.
Again, if you are anxious or worried about your health,
realize it is possible for you to attain perfect health so that
you may have strength sufficient for all that you wish to do
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