The School for Husbands HTML version

SGAN. That will do; I know the house, and the person, simply from the description you
have given me.
ISA. (Aside). Heaven, be propitious, and favour to-day the artful contrivance of an
innocent love!
SGAN. Do you say they have told you that his name is Valère?
ISA. Yes.
SGAN. That will do; do not make yourself uneasy about it. Go inside, and leave me to
act. I am going at once to talk to this young madcap.
ISA. (As she goes in). For a girl, I am planning a pretty bold scheme. But the
unreasonable severity with which I am treated will be my excuse to every right mind.
(Knocks at the door of Valère's house). Let us lose no time; here it is. Who's there? Why,
I am dreaming! Hulloa, I say! hulloa somebody! hulloa! I do not wonder, after this
information, that he came up to me just now so meekly. But I must make haste, and teach
this foolish aspirant...
SGAN. (To Ergaste, who has come out hastily). A plague on the lubberly ox! Do you
mean to knock me down--coming and sticking yourself in front of me like a post?
VAL. Sir, I regret...
SGAN. Ah! you are the man I want.
VAL. I, sir?
SGAN. You. Your name is Valère, is it not?
VAL. Yes.
SGAN. I am come to speak to you if you will allow me.