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XXIX. Trapped
She did not know how long she was thus carried along, she had lost all notion of
time and space, and for a few seconds tired nature, mercifully, deprived her of
When she once more realised her state, she felt that she was placed with some
degree of comfort upon a man's coat, with her back resting against a fragment of
rock. The moon was hidden again behind some clouds, and the darkness
seemed in comparison more intense. The sea was roaring some two hundred
feet below her, and on looking all round she could no longer see any vestige of
the tiny glimmer of red light.
That the end of the journey had been reached, she gathered from the fact that
she heard rapid questions and answers spoken in a whisper quite close to her.
"There are four men in there, citoyen; they are sitting by the fire, and seem to be
waiting quietly."
"The hour?"
"Nearly two o'clock."
"The tide?"
"Coming in quickly."
"The schooner?"
"Obviously an English one, lying some three kilometers out. But we cannot see
her boat."
"Have the men taken cover?"
"Yes, citoyen."
"They will not blunder?"
"They will not stir until the tall Englishman comes, then they will surround and
overpower the five men."
"Right. And the lady?"
"Still dazed, I fancy. She's close beside you, citoyen."