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The Rules of Copywriting
Hello and welcome, first I would like to thank you for purchasing this manual.
Within these pages you will learn the art of good copywriting, a vital part of
selling regardless of the type of product you are promoting.
Before we start, I think it a good idea to explain a few things to you.
First, what is actually meant when we say ‘copy’? Well copy refers to any
written material, as apposed to photographs or other elements of layout in a
large number of contexts including magazines, advertising, and book
More generally, the term copy refers to the text in books, magazines, and
newspapers. In books it means the text as written by the author, in our case
copy means the text that makes up the body of our sales letter or classified
Another point is that the secrets of good copywriting that you will master in
this manual, will set you in good stead for any of your writing needs; writing
business letters to other marketers for example.
Now I have presumed that you’re in the information marketing business, or
thinking of starting in the business, if so, you will find that the contents of this
manual, whether marketing online, offline or both, will give you the edge you
need to succeed.
I cannot emphasise enough the importance of good copywriting in the
marketing business, so study the contents well, have this manual with you
when writing your copy and refer to it often.
I wish you every success.
Very best wishes.
David H Aldridge.
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