The Rose HTML version

It was already starting to grow dark in the distant sky and moving quickly this way, the rain had
started streaking a path down the window giving it a look of broken glass. But I did not have time to think
about that; the best had arrived early! How sad this day was going to be, if the angels were weeping so
Although the rain covered the window I caught a glimpse of my rose, my mind was once again
spinning, all I could think of was how to save my rose. There was no way it would survive with out my
Quickly I pulled the counter drawers open, one at a time and started digging around looking for
something that, where are they? I was desperate to find them. I was now starting to throw knives forks
and spoons all over the counter top until, yes, there they were a tiny pa ir of silver scissors. Nothing but
the best will do for my rose.
I wasted no time in rushing outside, letting the door slam shut behind me. I stopped just long
enough to see how close the lighting was getting. But that did not matter I had to save my rose!
Slowly tenderly I reached up and found the best place to cut, it was just under the top five leaves.
I took the stem carefully in my hands, but I missed and garbed a thorn. Yanking my hand back I noticed
that blood was becoming mixed with the rainwater as it fell to the ground. “Can’t stop now.” I paused for
only a moment “I am sorry.” I said “But this is for your own good.” Then snip and the rose fell to the
I picked it up and ran back into the house. Now what to do. My rose had to have a special home. I
stood there just looking around the room from time to time blinking at the intensity of the lighting and
very pleased with myself at the thought of how I have just saved such a beautiful flower.
I started going through all the cabinets, moved all the plates and knocked the glass over. Then a
bowl of candy that I had been looking for went crashing to the floor. “So that’s where she hid that candy.”
Finally when I was about to give up. I took a step back and looked up. “That’s it!” the perfect
vase for my rose, way up on the top of the cabinets. Quickly I pulled a chair over from the table and with
a fast look around to make sure the kids were not watching, I climbed on to the chair.