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dove under a shaking bush,there were a lot of these planted in strategic spots on the property.
Besides, it was CLOSE and gave the ladies the chance to penetrate the woods for deeper and
better cover! Scanning the azure blue skies with my super-hero orbs;I spotted a squadron of
hawks, must have been thirty of them! Trying to draw attention off the ladies, I snuggled closer to
the "shaking bush."
"Every rooster's got to know his limitations!" Pervasive snickering interrupted my plan of
action, coming from a log nearby. Glancing out from under my wing,I spied Biscuit who who was
rolling and rubbing himself against the bark.
"Since when do Buzzards eat live chickens? He chortled.
I revisioned the heavens,and sure enough the high-flying squadron had no red tails! I stepped out
from under the "shaking bush" and fluffed my feathers.
"Just practice,only a drill! I offered thinking quick on my feet.
Biscuit cocked an eyebrow."We'll you better let the ladies know it was just a drill.They ran all the
way back to the house and got under the porch!" He smirked giving me one of those cat winks.
Yawning he loped away and left me to my duties as Yard Protector.
"Smart Aleck cat, let's see how cocky you are when that stray dog comes back around!"
I strutted back across the field in plain sight glancing upward one very few feet. Reaching the
center I stretched and crowed! The sisters peeked out from under the porch and Jewel whispered
" You better git yore fool self under here! Hawks ain't nuthin' to play with!"
I swelled out my breast.
" Hey Hawks! You want a piece of me! Make my day! Yeah, that's what I thought!" I blasted my
challenge toward the retreating squadron. The rest of the afternoon the ladies oohed and aahed
over me. Later, that evening when no one was looking I jumped in the mud and flew to the porch
rail, writing nasty things about cats on it,looking around to make sure they were not nearby.
"Hey,the dog did it!"
Book One of The Rooster With No Name. Bobby W. Lee
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