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The Rooster With No Name
The October air was brisk and cool as I pulled my head from under my wing and looked sleepily
around. The sisters were still asleep and Linda was fluffed and warm against my side clucking
softly in her sleep; no doubt dreaming of caterpillars and cornfields from the contented sound of
her clucks and purrs. I stepped sideways on the limb we were perched on,a few feet away from
thsisters'rs perch.
Linda was a Rhode Island Red, a little overweight but with a saucy attitude. She took no guff
from the sisters,a trio of games of mixed origin.There was Brittany,a light-colored game with a
meek,docile demeanor. Her legs were yellow like mine and Linda's,pea-combed with soft brown
eyes. When it came to feeding she was always on the outside of the bunch waiting for everyone
else to get through.
Then, there was Sapphire, a dark-colored hen; pea-combed with red colored wild eyes itching
for trouble and constantly looking to starting a fight. She had black legs and white toe-
nails,unfailingly the first in order to feed or when there was a danger.Life had been hard trying to
get a little nourishment on the farm where I grew up, and I had honed these spurs and my
legendary fighting skills on several of the stags and cocks there.Bruce Lee had nothing on me!
I fluffed out my feathers shaking off the dew in the 5am dark sprinkling Linda and causing her to
squawk from the shock of the cold shower. Stretching my neck and raising my neck-feathers in
the fighting position of games I crowed long and loud to let the predators know I had survived
another night and was not afraid to do battle with any of them! I beat my strong wings lifting me
up to my tiptoes. "Holy Smokes!"Linda griped,"It's five in the morning and still dark! Do you really
want to let every damn predator in the woods know where we are? I'll bet every one of them is
sitting under us right now laughing and waiting on us to fly down! Sapphire said she saw owls by
the lake yesterday,why can't you just wait until the sun starts up like a good Leghorn would do?"
"What Linda said!" Sapphire clucked sleepily,head still tucked under her wing."Go back to
I ignored them and repeated the process in case some of the coyotes on the far side towards
the hill didn't hear the first time! How could I sleep when there was so much to do? Slightly irritated
I stepped off the branch and flapped to the ground hitting the wet grass on a run. It felt good, so I
crowed twice more waking all the sisters. A streak of black fur came from nowhere accompanied
by a shrill yapping, and he barely had time to bolt and run as Arliss,the household Knight and
Champion, flew towards him attempting to pull the long fluff out of his magnificent tail; as he
streaked for the safety of the woods hitting his afterburners,and leaping over blow down logs. He
disappeared into the brush leavinArliss in his dust!
Arliss trotted out to the yard and resumed his morning ritual leaving it beside the pile the cats
had already made. Snickering,he trotted back up onto the porch and scratched on the back door
to be let back in. His long black curly hair gave him an angelic expression,on but he was a
notorious beggar! A pint-sized Rottweiler lived inside his Dachsund frame,or so he thought! He
sniffed his full bowl of chow disdainfully and jumped onto the couch,curling into a ball and closing
his eyes. Over by the porch the Lion Pride,a.k.a. cats;were scoping the whole shindig with typical
nonchalance,licking their paws like they had stepped in something and giving "Curly",the stank-
eye! Their leader was a yellow Manx Tom named Biscuit, a brute of a fellow with shifty
eyes.Crazy,appropriately named, was a slob of a cat with black-and-white markings. He earned
his name every day,as there was nothing he would not try! Slobber(lol,let me catch my breath!)
was a grey striped ancient skeleton of a cat with one fang and cataracts, he didn't do a whole lot
but sit around in the padded chair on the porch you can't guess,lol!These were the
neighbors I was forced to live on a daily basis, no wonder I had a nervous tic! Linda said it was
from pecking the wrong mushrooms but Linda always has something smart to say! It's just the day
to day pressure of putting up with the "zoo" and its mental patients! The squirrels were alright
though, a friendly sort and chatty, they helped me keep an eye on the place and cheered when I
set things right on occasion!
The sun was directly overhead as we scratched and plowed the south forty along the backside
of the place. We were concentrating on the wooded edge that afforded shade and gave up a
random grub or two. "Incoming!" Brittany screamed diving into the woods and hauling feather. I
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