The Romance of Elaine HTML version

1. The Serpent Sign
Rescued by Kennedy at last from the terrible incubus of Bennett's persecution in his
double life of lawyer and master criminal, Elaine had, for the first time in many weeks, a
feeling of security.
Now that the strain was off, however, she felt that she needed rest and a chance to
recover herself and it occurred to her that a few quiet days with "Aunt" Tabitha, who had
been her nurse when she was a little girl, would do her a world of good.
She sent for Aunt Tabby, yet the fascination of the experiences through which she had
just gone still hung over her. She could not resist thinking and reading about them, as she
sat, one morning, with the faithful Rusty in the conservatory of the Dodge house.
I had told the story at length in the Star, and the heading over it caught her eye.
It read:
Double Life Exposed by Craig Kennedy
Perry Bennett, the Famous Young Lawyer, Takes
Poison--Kennedy Now on Trail of Master Criminal's
Hidden Millions.
As Elaine glanced down the column, Jennings announced that Aunt Tabby, as she loved
to call her old friend, had arrived, and was now in the library with Aunt Josephine.