The Romance of Elaine HTML version

17. The Triumph Of Elaine
Half carrying, half forcing Elaine down into the water, Del Mar and his two men, all four
of the party clad in the outlandish submarine suits, bore the poor girl literally along the
bottom of the bay until they reached a point which they knew to be directly under the
entrance to the secret submarine harbor.
Del Mar's mind was working feverishly. Though he now had in his power the girl he both
loved and also feared as the stumbling- block in the execution of his nefarious plans
against America, he realized that in getting her he had been forced to betray the precious
secret of the harbor itself.
At the point where he knew that the harbor was above him, hidden safely beneath the
promontory, he took from under his arm a float which he released. Upward it shot
through the water.
Above, in the harbor, a number of his men were either on guard or lounging about.
"A signal from the chief," cried a sentry, pointing to the float as it bobbed up.
"Kick off the lead shoes," signalled Del Mar to the others, under the water.
They did so and rose slowly to the surface, carrying Elaine up with them. The men at the
surface were waiting for them and helped to pull Del Mar and his companions out of the
"Come into the office, right away," beckoned Del Mar anxiously, removing his helmet
and leading the way.
In the office, the others removed their helmets, while Del Mar took the head-gear off
Elaine. She stared about her bewildered.
"Where am I?" she demanded.
"A woman!" exclaimed the men in the harbor in surprise.
"Never mind where you are," growled Del Mar, plainly worried. Then to the men, he
added, "We can't stay any longer. The harbor is discovered. Get ready to leave
Murmurs of anger and anxiety rose from the men as Del Mar related briefly between
orders what had just happened.
Immediately there was a general scramble to make ready for the escape.